Metformin pcos weight loss diet plan

Hi my name Iris I start with metformin HCL 500mg and Januvia 100 mg in 2016 and I was on the boarder line of diabetes and weight 186 I now weight 160 and still loser I also drink Bacardi light I also concern about my weight loss. As of last week I stop drink and made appointment to doctor about so much weight loss.

Pilates workout for weight loss beginners

Filmed on a breathtaking location overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this dynamic beginner's workout is designed to maximize calorie burn while teaching you the basics of Pilates. With a combination of Pilatesconscious cardio and mat Pilates, this sequence uses the principles of control, concentration, precision, center, breath, and fluidity to help you

Morbid obesity weight loss plans

Working with weights when you're morbidly obese which means your body is easily physically stressed and your range of motion is limited may be contraindicated. Talk to your doctor about when you can safely add regular strength training, which helps build muscle to assist in weight loss.