Does milk thistle aid weight loss

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does milk thistle aid weight loss

Because milk thistle is an herb that acts on the liver there is the possibility that it may alter the levels of metformin in your blood thus affecting your blood sugar.

What I suggest is taking the Milk Thistle at least 23 hours away from the Metformin.

Milk Thistle Benefits of Silybum UPDATE: 2018 6

Early research shows that milk thistle can help support healthy weight loss. Mice that were fed a highfat diet to induce obesity lost weight after taking silymarin that was extracted from milk thistle. Milk is a very good beverage to be taken while you are following a weight loss program.

7 Health Benefits of Milk Thistle

It has been found that drinking fat free milk in the morning helps in increasing satiet y, or a feeling of fullness, and led to decreased calorie intake at the next meal, as compared with any other drink. Milk thistle extract from plants not the seeds might, in fact, enhance effects of estrogen, Medline Plus says.

does milk thistle aid weight loss

But estrogen's role in hair loss is not completely understood. While milk thistle's effects are being widely studied in treating liver and other diseases, its role in hair loss whether for topical or oral use has not yet been studied. Additionally, milk thistle is often used to treat diabetes, hangovers, malaria, depression and loss of appetite.

Milk thistle is often used for the treatment of liver disorders, including chronic inflammatory liver disease, cirrhosis of the liver and chronic hepatitis.

does milk thistle aid weight loss

Milk Thistle Weight Loss Aid Why Does Walking Burn Belly Fat Milk Thistle Weight Loss Aid Fat Burning Supplements Uk Number 1 Fat Burners Sure enough: in one recent study, an herbal conglomerate featuring milk thistle as one of the active participants actually increased estrogen metabolism, effectively reducing the amount of active estrogen by speeding up its clearance from the body.

The authors concluded that this likely meant a reduction in breast cancer risk.

does milk thistle aid weight loss

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